Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

3 Types of Air Conditioning Units to Choose From

Kimberly Garrett

Are you interested in selecting an air conditioning system for your home, but you are not sure which one will best match your specific requirements? Then perhaps you should take the time to find out more about the different types available, and by doing so you can make an informed decision regarding what air conditioning system you'll be most satisfied with. With that thought in mind, here is a list of the common air conditioning systems that could work for you.


Cassette air conditioning units have that name because they have the appearance of cassettes. They are installed onto the ceiling, and have the type of panels that can blend in with the interior décor of a home. They have the advantage of requiring no ductwork, and for that reason are relatively quick and cheap to install.

Due to the fact that cassettes can be located in a central position within a room they can cool an entire room evenly and quickly. This makes them ideal if you want to select a system that is able to respond quickly once you apply your desired settings.


A tower air conditioning unit is a floor standing unit that also has an outdoor component which is typically attached to the outside of a home. The advantage of tower air conditioning units is that they can be placed in a variety of locations in your room. Also when they are not needed the towers can simply be disconnected and taken away to be stored until needed again.

Most tower air conditioning units are powerful enough to provide cooling for large rooms. This means they can be placed in the corner of a room yet still have the power to cool down the air on the other side of a large room.

Window Units

Air conditioning units that are window based will have all the components in one box such as the cooling coil, evaporator, condenser, compressor and expansion valve. This means a window based air conditioning will take up far less space than that one which requires ductwork. The installation of window unit air conditioners will only take an hour, and that means the labour costs will be low.

They are also easy to access physically because they won't be up on the ceiling or built into the wall. Ultimately, you could perform maintenance work without having to struggle with access.

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