Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

Refrigerator Operational Problems: Repair or Replacement

Kimberly Garrett

The refrigerator is designed to operate continuously unlike most of the other household appliances. Damages and performance problems will cause extensive inconvenience; therefore, it is important to resolve operational issues immediately. A quality refrigerator can function optimally for years but the important components will wear out eventually. The decision on whether you should engage appliance repair services or purchase a new fridge will mainly depend on these factors.


An average refrigerator has a lifespan of about ten or more years depending on the quality of the components and design. If the appliance is old, the potential cumulative cost for repairs will be high, as parts wear out sequentially, so you should consider replacement.

Newer fridges experience operational problems mainly due to damage to specific components; therefore, repairs are a cheaper and more effective solution. However, you should consider other factors because some high-end commercial-grade appliances have a very prolonged lifespan while low-end devices may not even last for ten years.

Overall Damage

The extent of the damage of the appliance should be a major consideration during repair because it will affect the total costs. Simple problems such as malfunctioning seals in the unit are fairly minor therefore the default decision should be repair. If you have an extended warranty plan or even a servicing plan for the fridge, you should check and make viable claims before making a decision to replace. Replacement of the appliance may be necessary if there are multiple components that are no longer operating optimally or the damage to a major part is highly significant. You should engage a technician to carry out an overall assessment and give you an estimate of the total amount for complete restoration.

Compare the estimated price of repair to the price of the appliance to determine whether it is economical to carry out the repair. Generally, think about replacing a fridge when the refurbishment cost is higher than half of the appliance buying price to minimise long-term financial consequences. On the other hand expensive and extensive repairs may be worth the cost if you have a high-end appliance since the life expectancy will allow you to recoup the cost.


The energy efficiency of a fridge is important because it is never switched off. When damage occurs to your inefficient model, you should take the opportunity to purchase a newer model. Typically, the long-term savings in terms of energy usage and lower electricity bills will be offset the high initial price of purchase.

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