Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

3 Maintenance Tips for Auto Air Conditioning

Kimberly Garrett

The air conditioning system in your vehicle requires proper care for continued optimal and efficient performance. If you ignore maintenance practices, the AC eventually malfunction and you will have to spend a lot of money to get the system repaired. Here are some simple guidelines to help maintain good air conditioning performance in your vehicle.

Regular Servicing

The auto AC needs regular professional servicing to reduce the risk of breakdown as the parts deteriorate. It is not a compulsory routine maintenance practice but the AC technicians can make modifications that will improve the efficiency. One of the most important aspects of professional auto AC is the recharge of the system with refrigerant fluid which is essential for cooling the air for effective ventilation.

The recharging service is necessary because the refrigerant leaks from the system due to normal wearing of the system. You should check for the manufacturer's recommendation on the duration after which you should get a check-up. However, it is advisable to visit a technician at least once every two years.

Additionally, lubrication of the moving AC components should be carried out during the recharging tasks to reduce friction and wear. You should also engage thorough cleaning services regularly to get rid of bacteria in the air vents and to minimise the risk of pungent odours.

Run the AC

The AC will be constantly running when you are driving in a hot area during warm seasons. However, the system is usually ignored when the weather too cold for artificial air conditioning. It is advisable to run the air conditioning for a few minutes every week to prevent complete dormancy of the system. This will help in preventing mould growth and dust accumulation in the air vents. In addition, the practice will ensure that the mechanical parts remain well-lubricated.

Early Repairs

Auto AC problems can escalate when they are not resolved early so watch out for changes in performance. For instance, weak airflow may be as a result of mould growth in the evaporator, the ventilation fan could be damaged or the system seals might be broken. This means that a seemingly small malfunction can be a significant issue capable of causing total breakdown.

You should also engage repair services from experts like Allcoast Mobile Auto Electrical if the air produced from the system is no longer cold. It could mean that the coolant is leaking or there is a failed compressor or blower motor, vacuum leaks and even failed electrical components. Other common problems include pungent odours and significant system leaks.


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