Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

How To Tell If Your Car's Electrical Systems Are Failing

Kimberly Garrett

It's often difficult for a car owner to diagnose the repairs their car needs, as they may mistake problems with one system for repairs that are needed for another. This is common when a car's electrical systems are failing, as a car owner may assume that the air conditioning, heater, lights, or other parts need repair when it's really the battery, wiring, or other electrical components powering these systems that need attention.

Note a few ways to tell if your car's electrical systems are failing or need repair so you can ensure you get the right repair by taking your car to an auto electric specialist rather than a standard mechanic.

1. Electrical parts struggle when used at the same time

If you turn on the fan of your dashboard and it consistently struggles to work as you drive, this can be a sign that the fan's motor or blower is failing. However, if it works fine but then starts to struggle when you hit the brake pedal and your brake lights go on, then this is a sign that it's the electrical systems of your car that are failing, not the dashboard fan.

This is true of other electrical components of your car. If your windshield wipers work fine until you turn on your headlights or air conditioning, then it's probably not the wipers that are the problem but instead, your car is not providing all the electrical components with enough power to work together. The wiring may be frayed or connections may be coming loose. When you notice that these parts struggle only when used at the same time, have an automotive electrical specialist check them.

2. There is visible leakage from the battery

If you notice any type of slowdown or problem with the electrical systems of your car, you might look at your battery for visible leakage or corrosion. If there is corrosion around the battery connectors or you notice obvious signs of battery fluid on the casing of the battery, this is a sure sign that the battery is failing. It needs fluid in order to operate and when this fluid leaks, the battery gets weak. This too is a sign that it's the electrical system and not the actual fan, lights, and other parts that are breaking down. Don't touch the corrosion or fluid on your own as it's very dangerous for bare skin, but note this to an auto electrician so he or she can test the battery and replace it if necessary.

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