Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

The Variety Of Electric Systems That A Residential Electrician Can Install

Kimberly Garrett

There are many different types of installations that a residential electrician can perform, and by taking advantage of them you can improve the overall quality of your home. You might think that some electrical systems can be installed by the average DIY enthusiast, but it is advisable to hire an electrician so that the wiring will stand the test of time, and will not cause an electrical fire risk. With that thought in mind, here are the common types of electrical systems that can be installed by a residential electrician to improve the quality of your home:

Solar panels: With solar panels you can significantly cut your electricity bills if multiple electrical systems are linked to them. For example, you can use the energy generated from the solar panels to power a shower, an air ventilation system, lighting fixtures and an attic fan. The cost of having the solar panels installed can very well pay for itself in the long run because of the huge savings you'll make on your electricity bills.

Underfloor heating: If you want to have warm floors in your home, then you can have a residential electrician set up underfloor heating in your home. Underfloor heating allows the room to be heated in a uniform manner, and if it is linked up to a solar panel system, then it will also be a cost efficient method of heating. However, a downside of underfloor heating is that it can take a long time in order for the room to get to the desired temperature setting.

Security systems: A residential electrician can install a CCTV system to improve the security of your home. They can set the system up so that each monitor in your home has a live feed, and the cameras can be installed in a variety of locations if they use a wireless approach.

Entertainment systems: If you require a comprehensive entertainment system, then a residential electrician can provide a few benefits. Firstly, they can wire up the entertainment system so that the wiring is within the walls. This will protect the wiring from any potential damage, and it will hide the wiring out of sight, which in turn will make your home look tidier. Also some entertainment systems might very complicated to set up, and if you feel that you are not up to the job then a residential electrician can handle the task for you.

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