Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

How to Overcome the Challenges of Smart Homes

Kimberly Garrett

The internet of things has made it possible to have a smart home where many appliances can be controlled remotely. For instance, it is now possible to adjust the temperature setting of your AC at home when you are hundreds of miles away. However, home automation comes with some shortcomings. This article discusses some steps that you can take to overcome some of the challenges of home automation.

The Problem of Complexity

Home automation aims as increasing the convenience of homeowners as they go about their daily lives. For instance, you do not have to peep through a window in order to identify who is knocking at the gate. A video camera allows you to see and talk to the person before you press a button to let him or her into your home. However, home automation can sometimes complicate simple tasks. For instance, you only need a few seconds to flip the switch of a bulb. This is different from picking your phone, unlocking it, and then finding the right settings in the app that controls your smart lighting system. You can reduce this challenge of complexity by picking home automation systems that accommodate the traditional method of operation. For instance, pick a system that allows the lights to respond when you use a switch on the wall. Such flexibility will allow you to use the most convenient user option for a given situation. You should also pick home automation systems that can incorporate different appliances so that you avoid having to install an app for each smart device. For instance, pick a system that can integrate the control of lights, kitchen appliances and the access control system.

The Challenge of Security Risks

The benefits of being able to control your home using internet-enabled devices has also opened those home automation systems to the threat of hackers. Hackers can take control of your home automation system and gain access into your home. You can limit this risk by installing all the software upgrades that the manufacturer of your system develops in order to enhance the security of the software running your smart home. You should also keep in mind all internet security tips such as changing your passwords frequently and disabling the Wi-Fi when you are not using your smart phone.

As you can see, it is possible to limit the impact of the shortcomings of a smart home. Talk to an electrician so that he or she advises you about the best home automation systems that can address your needs.


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