Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

Warning Signs That Your Home May Need Electrical Services Very Soon

Kimberly Garrett

No homeowner should ever overlook signs that their home needs electrical repairs, as an electrical fire can spread behind the walls very quickly, before you even realize your home is on fire. There is also the risk of electrocution from outdated electrical wires. Note a few warning signs that your home may need electrical services very soon so you know when to call an electrician as needed.

1. Loose outlets

If the screw holding the outlet to the wall is secure but the outlet is still loose along the plug area, this can mean that the wires behind the outlet are now loose. The wires may be worn or frayed or misusing the outlet may have caused damage; if you tend to yank out cords from across the room, this can pull at the wires behind the outlet and cause them to come loose. Have an electrician look at this problem so you don't risk getting electrocuted when you use the outlet or having an electrical fire start behind the plate.

2. Flickering lights and appliances

If lights in your home flicker, this doesn't mean your home is possessed but it does mean there is an interruption of power. In some cases the wires can be too old to deliver the amount of power needed by your lights or updated appliances, but in other cases it can actually be that wires have become worn or frayed, even due to rodents chewing through them. Don't ignore this problem but have an electrician check the volts coming through the sockets or plugs and then check the wires behind them to pinpoint the problem.

3. Sparks

You may sometimes see a blue spark coming from an outlet, which is actually somewhat normal; this is the electricity creating a spark as its circuit is broken when you unplug something. However, if you see any other types of sparks or if the spark is fairly frequent, you want to have the wiring checked. This is especially true if the sparks are accompanied by any type of burning smell. This usually means electricity is coming into contact with building materials behind the walls, which can be very dangerous.

4. Too many light bulbs

If you seem to burn out light bulbs more frequently than you should, this can be a sign that the wiring is old and frayed behind the walls and isn't delivering electricity properly. Rather than just buying new bulbs every time you visit the supermarket, have an electrician check the wiring and note whether it's in good condition or needs updating.


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