Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

Energy Efficient Electrical Designs for New Homes

See More Clearly: Where To Install LED Lighting In Your Home

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If you're updating your home, don't forget about the lighting. You might not realise this, but adding LED lighting can enhance your home. This is especially true if you make the additions to the right rooms. LED lighting can make the rooms in your home more functional and more enjoyable. If you're not sure how to utilise LED lighting, read the list provided below. Here are some rooms that will really benefit from the inclusion of LED lighting. 


If you're like most people, you might think you have enough lighting in your kitchen. You might even think you have the right type of lighting in your kitchen. But, if you don't have LED lights, you might be mistaken. LED lights are great for lighting those problem areas throughout the kitchen. Some of those areas include under the cabinets, along the toe kicks, and inside the pantry. The toe kick area is especially beneficial since that's where most people stub their toes in the dark. 


If you don't have LED lighting in your bedrooms, you could be missing out on a lot. LED lights can let you see into the darkest corners of your walk-in wardrobes. They can also be installed to provide much-needed lighting under your beds. You can also use overhead LED lights to create a brighter environment in your bedroom. 


If your bathrooms feel dark and dreary, even with the lights on, it's time for a change. Ordinary lights don't do anything to brighten the mood, especially in the bathroom. Showers and toilet enclosures can get especially dark. That's where LED lights come in handy. Your electrician can install LED lights throughout the bathroom, including the shower and toilet areas. 

Utility Room

If you have a utility room in your home, you need LED lights. It's not easy finding the laundry detergent inside darkened cupboards. Not only that, but without the right lighting, you might miss some of those stains you're trying to pre-treat. LED lighting eliminates those problems. Once you have LED lights installed in your utility room, you'll see what you've been missing. 

Living Room

If you spend a lot of time in your living room, now's the time to invest in LED lights. There are a few areas of the living room that can benefit from LED lighting. For instance, you can reduce eye strain by installing LED light strips behind your entertainment centre. You can also highlight accent walls with recessed LED lights.

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